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why is my facebook account temporarily locked

why is my facebook account temporarily locked. ACCORDING TO THOR MULLER, there are 13 things that (supposedly) will get you kicked off Facebook (thanks, Jean ) You didn’t use your real name. Hello, when i opened my facebook account it shows a message that contain these words For security reasons your account is temporarily  Apr 13, 2015 · we’ll take a look at your documents and will let you know as soon as we’ve made a decision. now how i can re-open my facebook / Like Like To unlock Facebook account if temporarily locked could take a diverse of ways depending on the reason why you Facebook account is locked. Facebook is by  Why Was My Facebook Disabled by an Administrator While your account can be temporarily locked for a variety of reasons, there are only a few common  Do not despair for there are ways to reactivate your account without .. My account was temporarily locked since Christmas Eve 2010 since I  I attempted to check my Facebook account and was locked out without .. Another Facebook user reported my account as fraudulent without any basis for it. my estub account locked, , My eStub Locked Out, My eStub Customer Service, My eStub User Setup, My eStub Forgot Password, My eStub 1 800 Number, My eStub … Reason Why My Facebook Account was locked A) May be Facebook is making an improvement in the database and the account get “Locked”  For security reasons your account is temporarily locked I did every Similar Questions security reasons account temporarily locked facebook answer in my life, i really gotten freak out when my computer often hang and  Various Facebook login problem compiled in one place to find I am not able to open my fb account it s showing that my account is locked for I can t log in facebook and getting message that “account is temporary locked”. Update This was reported to Facebook via on Dec 16th 2013 and Facebook responded on Dec 17th that the bug has long since Im having problem with my facebook,its temporary locked after they send Solution 4 Facebook Account Temporarily Locked Solution. b) Go 


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