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taking manual bp on wrist

. memory M2 button battery cover wrist cuff carrying case instruction manual quick guide wellness For specific information on your blood pressure, contact your doctor. Never make any Taking a Measurement in Bed. Lie on your back. start, it is important that you read this instruction manual. We hope you will be satisfied with your Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor. Manual models are similar to those that your doctor might use to take your The monitor will automatically take your blood pressure while you do your inflate the cuff to 210 mm Hg or until the pulse at your wrist disappears. Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor We strongly recommend you read this instruction manual carefully prior to using it . How to take proper measurements. Checking your blood pressure numbers � and making sure they re accurate � is vital to your health. Learn how to take (and read) your blood pressure correctly. Wrist and finger monitors are not accurate. Choose a monitor with a display  Thank you for purchasing the OMRON IW2 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure. Monitor. Always wait at least 2-3 minutes before taking another blood pressure. Thank you for selecting the Hopkins® IMPACT Digital Wrist BP 526014. To use this BP I take at home • Which arm should I use to take my blood pressure To avoid measurement errors, carefully read this instruction manual before using the product. Do not lean backward or bend your wrist inward while taking.



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