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how to unlock a bedroom door with a turn lock

how to unlock a bedroom door with a turn lock. The doorknob is of the type with the bit that you turn vertically to lock, horizontally to unlock on the inside. I ve put a screwdriver through the hole  Store Door Lock (ANSI SERIES 1000-F14). Latch bolt by lever Privacy bedroom or bathroom Lock Thumb turn locks or unlocks outside lever. Key locks or  I ve been told to reverse the door knob so the lock is on the outside, you have to press in two spots and turn to get the knob to turn to open the door. She cant open the round doorknob that is on her door yet anyway but  Notch pocket door locks are ideal for sliding doors. Designed for sliding doors Features turn button locking on inside and emergency unlocking on outside Ideal for interior doors where privacy is required like a bathroom or bedroom Note   bedroom or living unit should have a door that you can lock. that the door must unlock when you turn the handle or move the lever to leave. Forum discussion So someone has locked my bathroom door by setting the lock then It s the type where you push the handle in towards the door and then twist it a quarter turn to lock. There is no hole/access from the outside to unlock, and the door swings in (so no I have the same interior locksets. I figured I d install this 50 hub, turn on the auto-lock and unlock features, which is paranoid enough to also lock your doorknob, you re done. The light will turn green on the apartment. You now an unlocked mode. If you would like to prevent your bedroom door from locking automatically, insert your.